Lifetree Café

Lifetree Cafés are popping up all across the nation. Which one is in your neighborhood?

Lifetree Café - what are you watching?

Tune in at Lifetree Cafés across the US

At its core, Lifetree Café is simply a place and time to hear some stories, to share some stories and connect with others in your community. What we’ve found is there are not enough places where we can feel safe enough to share what we really think or feel without being chastized, judged or preached at – and we’ve gone about trying to change that by creating Lifetree Café.

We invite you to visit the Lifetree Café website or our Facebook page and see what its all about.  Better yet, stop by one of our national locations, have a cup of coffee and see what the “buzz” is all about. We’re starting a national conversation, and we want  you to be a part of it. Be ready to laugh, cry, reminisce, raise your eyebrows and be inspired by the stories we share and the stories shared by folks in your neighborhood.


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